MAN: Sorry I’m late.
I don’t know how to not disappoint you.

WOMAN: It’s okay.
I know.

MAN: How are you?
How do I fix it?

WOMAN: I’m good.
You can’t. You break me.

MAN: Good.
I want to love the you that’s whole.

WOMAN: How are you?
I know.

MAN: Making it.
I don’t know how to survive this.

WOMAN: I understand.
Survival is why I’m leaving.

MAN: I brought some boxes.
I want to make it hurt less.

WOMAN: Thanks.
I know.

MAN: I’ll only be a minute.
It hurts.

WOMAN: Great.
I know.

(An hour later)

MAN: Thanks.
I need you.

WOMAN: No problem.
I need me more.

MAN: Good seeing you.
My heart is a hospital without you.

WOMAN: You, too.
I am all the swinging doors.

MAN: We should hang out sometime.
Come back.

WOMAN: Yeah, yeah. I’ll look my schedule.
I can’t.

MAN: Okay. See you.
I love you.

That’s not enough.