in the morning,
i am a whole song
and unfolding.

i am a warm body,
i am mouth-full
i am everything
i am
all at once

in the morning

the air crawls
through the window
like a secret
lover, she says:
welcome to this day

you are alive, now
and the sun has not yet
opened its mouth
wide enough to swallow

who knows where i’ve been
while i sleep?

she knows
i get lost and am looking for home always
i am trying to be be everything
that might
lead me back
to myself

i am am a lighthouse
& the shore &
a map, unfolded

good morning,
i am alive, now
and i am remembering
the stars
and the moon
and the song she sings to the shore

this song
is mine
it is my first language and
her body, dark and endless
like mine
is just another
mouth open to the sky

i can be everything

i am trying to be
every part of something that might
remind the world
to remember the morning
to sing the song of wind
with an ancient tongue

i am the sun, glistening
with the promise of light

i have chosen this body
because it knows
how to find its way home.