Jamila Reddy HeadshotJamila Reddy is a queer/blk/woman from the South. Each of these identities informs the other, and she likes to think, talk, and write about how. Jamila is a writer, theatre maker, and facilitator of dreams. She wants to make art that feels like coming home. She wants to make art that feels like leaving home.  She wants to make her home her art.

Jamila is currently an MFA candidate in Creative Writing at California Institute of the Arts (CalArts)


Jamila writes things.  She thinks that having a word to describe a thing you experience is the best kind of gift. She is thankful for language and the light it holds to the dark corners of transformation. Jamila mostly writes poetry, short story, and creative nonfiction, but she’d like to write everything. Everything.

Jamila makes theatre. Jamila devises and directs non-traditional multimedia theatre experiences which infuse live music, dance, and spoken word poetry. She wants to make theatre for people who don’t like plays.

Jamila makes dreams come true. Through what she calls dream facilitation, Jamila collaborates with artists, thinkers, and visionaries across disciplines as a consultant to help bring their creative ideas to life.  She works with creatives to actualize their visions, offering practical considerations for the manifestation of their ideas, and spiritual and emotional resources for them to bring forth their creative power. (She is the co-creator of North York, a socio-creative [ad]venture driven by the desire to create space for creative power to come to life.)

Here are some other things Jamila does:

Jamila goes places. She has some theories about the relationship between physical and spiritual journeys, so she goes on lots of both.


joyful | New York City | Spring, 2013


meditative | Rhode Island | Summer, 2014


self, imitating life | San Francisco | Fall, 2013

Jamila creates space. She thinks space – figurative and literal- plays a vital role in the evolution of human consciousness. Intentional spacemaking makes her heart beat fast. She digs interior design, curating events, hosting gatherings, and facilitating workshops.


Altar for the gone. | New York City | Fall, 2014


Art Night | Brooklyn | Winter, 2014


NorthYork & Slackgaze pop-up shop/showcase | Brooklyn | Fall, 2014

Jamila plays. As a self-identified future ancestor, Jamila knows that as trauma can be inherited, so can joy, so she relies on radical-self expression and body-centric pleasure to code new genetic texts. Radical play and radical-self care are her activisms. Costuming/adorning/ performing the self is a means by which Jamila deepens the experience of pleasure, and gives voice and body to her many selves.


Another day | Charlotte, NC | Fall, 1998.


Jane Crow, embodied. | New Orleans | Winter, 2014


Marie Laveau, Offering. | New York City | Fall, 2014

Jamila participates. She went to Burning Man a few times and thinks they’re right about a lot of things, especially this: “We believe that transformative change, whether in the individual or in society, can occur only through the medium of deeply personal participation. We achieve being through doing. Everyone is invited to work. Everyone is invited to play. We make the world real through actions that open the heart.”


Vigil for Mike Brown. | Brooklyn | Fall, 2014


Talking with the Drum. | Savannah, GA. | Summer, 2014


March against Police Violence. | New York City | Winter, 2014

Jamila makes noise. Jamila writes things and says them out loud.


Poetry Feature | Busboys and Poets, D.C. | Spring, 2013


House show | New Orleans, Louisiana. | Winter, 2014


Salon de Libertad | Lamont Street Collective, Washington D.C. | Summer, 2013